My Secret Lives (A Murmur of Dreams)

One of Shawn's works-in-progress is My Secret Lives (A Murmur of Dreams). Two dream pieces will be published in Write City Magazine in the Summer of 2020

Three selected dream pieces from this series were published in the Hypertext Review Fall 2019 magazine: 

- Villains or I Dream in Science Fiction

- White Dove; and

- Napalm Deja Vu.

Reading Birth at the tribute event for Shawn's father, Rev. James Shiflett, at the Greenhouse Theater (formerly known as the Body Politic) in February, 2020. James Shiflett was, amongst other things, the founder of the Dream Theater at the Body Politic in Chicago and probably the inspiration behind Shawn's current work-in-progress. Birth was his favorite dream piece from Shawn's growing collection.


Thanks to Mark Larson for this photo.  

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